North county Healing Rooms

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The North County Healing Rooms provide a loving, safe, confidential environment where healing prayer can be received. Some are healed instantly by a miraculous touch from God. Others receive their healing progressively over a period of days, weeks or months. We are committed to pray for you for as long as it takes, contending with you for your complete healing. Prayer Recipients are ministered to on a walk-in basis.

We are located at 6995 San Luis Avenue, Atascadero, CA  93422.
You may contact us at 805.440.7202. Visit our CONTACT PAGE for directions and further info.

Tuesday, 6:30-8:30pm
Wednesday, 10:00am-12:00pm
Saturday, (first Saturday of each month) 10:00am-1:00pm

Tuesday, 6:30-8:30pm BY APPOINTMENT ONLY- see details below

First Tuesday of the month - Prophetic Team Available
Fourth Tuesday of the month - Dream Interpretation Team Available

Everyone's welcome! Come out and receive an encouraging prophetic word or a biblical dream interpretation! Experienced teams are here to help you with kingdom revelation and insights.
No appointment necessary - open to all on a first come first served basis.


Freedom Prayer, often referred to as "Sozo," is a bibically-based personal prayer ministry approach founded in reconciliation and restoration before God. Implemented in thousands of churches, daily-life and therapeutic settings, Freedom Prayer appropriated the finished work of the cross to help others find freedom from sin, pain, strongholds and limiting beliefs that hinder a fruitful and fulfilling relationship with the Lord. For further info on Freedom Prayer, visit the website at

If you are interested in receiving Freedom Prayer please print and fill out the attached application and return to or in person at the Healing Rooms. There is generally a waiting period between submission and prayer sessions, which are scheduled for Tuesday nights between 6:30 and 8:30. Further details regarding what to do prior to an appointment are on the form.

CLICK HERE and you will be directed to the application form. There is a $30 donation requested per session. Please make checks payable to the North County Healing Rooms. Cash and Paypal donations also accepted. Please donate prior to your session.

"It was certainly our sickness that he carried, and our sufferings that he bore, but we thought him afflicted, struck down by God and tormented. He was pierced because of our rebellions and crushed because of our crimes. He bore the punishment that made us whole; by his wounds we are healed."  Isaiah 53: 4, 5 - CEB  

"That evening people brought to Jesus many who were demon-possessed. He threw the spirits out with just a word. He healed everyone who was sick. This happened so that what Isaiah the prophet said would be fulfilled: He is the one who carried away our diseases." Matthew 8: 16, 17 - CEB